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Many of these are multinational companies that have absolutely no commitment to the local area. Ministers are preparing to unveil proposals to strengthen the ties between work and learning after admitting that even the most academically bright young people cannot cope in the workplace. In a House of Commons debate in advance of next month’s publication of a national skills strategy, skills minister Ivan Lewis said employers were unimpressed with young people whose high-level qualifications masked poor communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills.

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The white paper will emphasise the value of vocational options and establish a range of incentives to encourage small businesses to access training. Mr Lewis also pledged that the white paper would produce a two to three year timetable for the introduction of sector skills councils, replacing national training organisations. Meanwhile, the Scottish Executive has condemned a study that belittles modern apprenticeships in Scotland as weak and flawed. The study, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, says Scottish youngsters get a raw deal from the scheme, launched in Scotland in 1994 to boost the number of young people entering vocational training and leaving with intermediate level skills.

The research calls for a fundamental overhaul of the scheme including a new national diploma in apprenticeship, an entitlement to day release and close monitoring of apprentices’ employment conditions. 14 May 2003 New deal director quits in ‘fat cat salaries’ storm by Henry Palmer The vice chair of Nottingham’s new deal for communities programme has quit, claiming that too much funding is being spent on senior staff with ‘high salaries and low commitment’. Jo Thorpe, a resident director of Radford and Hyson Green NDC for the last two years, resigned at a board meeting last week after failing to secure assurances that management costs would be kept to a minimum.

While NDC programmes must aim to keep management and administration costs to 10% of their funding over their ten year lifespan, Radford and Hyson Green is currently running at 29%. Mrs Thorpe insists high salaries are fuelling a sense among residents that too little is being spent on delivering change. In a scathing resignation speech, Mrs Thorpe said: ‘People in all of our communities are neither seeing NDC nor feeling the NDC programme in a positive way. find out more: E Conveyancing Melbourne