Who gives the training to the conveyancers for learning the conveyancing process?

It follows an investigation by the Treasury into the voluntary sector’s role in delivering public services. But another key review examining the sector’s regulatory and legal framework, by the Cabinet Office’s Performance and Innovation Unit, may not be published for several months. A PIU spokesperson denied that the failure to publish the report was putting the sector’s involvement in public services on hold. Meanwhile, the Treasury’s review – published in summary this week – says the government needs a voluntary and community sector able to be a partner in delivering ‘world-class public services’.


The Home Office’s public service agreement includes a specific target to boost voluntary and community sector activity by 5% by 2006, and the budget of its Active Community Unit will rise by 20% each year to £65m in 2005/06. Talk of an urban renaissance will come to nothing unless the government gives the agenda a dramatic push, former Urban Task Force chair Lord Rogers warned this week. The task force’s vision, published in 1998, was in danger of disappearing without stronger leadership and firmer targets, he said.

We need to establish what can be achieved in the next two, five or next ten years. I am asking for a comprehensive action plan. Lord Rogers lamented the shortage of ‘well-designed, affordable sustainable housing’ in London and south-east England, and said skyrocketing house prices were undermining physical regeneration and the creation of new cultural amenities such as museums and galleries by excluding people on lower incomes. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure that the improvement of public spaces is felt by every member of this country. We should not be building on greenfield land, we should be making brownfield land buildable. Why aren’t they using surplus land to tackle. Nigel Smith, chair of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, said councils should be encouraged by the planning green paper’s proposals to simplify CPOs.

Until now the government has been bothered about the idea of getting involved in compulsory purchase – the process has proved time-consuming and tiresome. British streets are ‘alienating and unappealing non-places’, and despite a plethora of design guidance continue to be woefully neglected, government advisers have claimed. It calls on local authorities to prioritise urban design, include strategies for improving and maintaining the streetscape in their development and local transport plans, and encourage residents to be involved in the care of streets through community trusts. find out more: E Settlement Agents Perth